Be Careful!

DATING IS DIFFERENT Recognize that this activity is not like other Internet communication you may enjoy with family, friends, co-workers, or your community where you are a member--and you are known. If you're "dating," you're more vulnerable.

PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY If you want total control of the information available to an online other, don't use your personal or your work-related email. (Chances are good that a Web search engine has linked your email address to your real name.)

LEARN THE TECHNOLOGY Use the kinds of Web technology that enable private communication without divulging your email. ICQ offers private chat rooms, for instance, and they're very user friendly.

GUARD YOUR E-MAIL If you insist on using email, consider getting an account dedicated solely to your online dating activities. You can safely use one of the FREE web based email services as long as you don't put your full name on your application. Such accounts are available at  Excite, or through Yahoo!

DON'T REVEAL DATA Be careful about the information you give in casual conversation. An offhand reference to your neighborhood, a school experience, a job location, or a vacation can reveal more than you intend to divulge.

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