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Be Honest

BE HONEST And expect honesty from your online other. Use the anonymity of the Internet to find out about each others' past experiences with intimacy. You can learn a lot by sharing your feelings and your attitude toward commitment. If you're using a dedicated email, be honest about that, too.

BEWARE OF HIGH EXPECTATIONS Sharing feelings across the Internet will accelerate your sense of intimacy, and you will be tempted to build a mental image of the other. Ask yourself: How would I feel about the other building an image of me? Talk about your expectations about the direction of the online relationship.

DEVELOP COMMON ACTIVITIES Make dates with each other to share activities, like playing online games, games at The Gaming Zone or Excite Games. Talk about how long you expect to communicate online before meeting.

DON'T FAKE YOUR PHOTO If you decide to swap pictures, send a current picture which is flattering, but doesn't hide or distort your true appearance. Misleading pictures are probably the leading cause of disappointments in relationships that start on the Internet.

MEET IN PUBLIC PLACES If and when you decide to meet in real life, arrange to meet in public where you will be comfortable over coffee or a casual meal. Be prepared if the meeting proves disappointing. But remember, if you've followed these rules, the least you have is someone with whom you can communicate very well.

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